Monday, August 22, 2011

Still sick, what is it?

Well, I've still got the darn crud! I keep telling mysel;f it will be better tomorrow, but I have had 6 tomorrows so far. I forsee a Dr appt in my future.
I started walking this week for several reasons: 1- for my health, 2- strengthen my back, 3- to get ready for our Disney trip in December, which I cannot wait for!
We have been cleaning out the boys room for several days and I am so proud that Zachary has gotten rid of quite a few stuffed animals. We had more animals in there than the zoo has! He has always objected to giving away any of them. He could tell you the name, when he got it, who he got it from, etc. I kinda hated to get rid of them when he could do that. I guess this shows my boy is growing up. He will be 11 in a few weeks.
I wrote another review for It is scheduled to go live later this week. I will be sure to share thie link. I have not heard from any of the travel agencies as of yet, I will also let you know about that! Just keep your fingers crossed for me!
Thats all for tonight!

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