Sunday, August 28, 2011

Maybe some Relief

Ok, so finally on Thursday I felt bad enough, after almost 2 weeks of torturing myself, to go to the Dr. He told me it was bacterial and I got a steroid shot and some good ole antibiotics. Great for the tummy! I have felt a little better since then, but still needing the inhaler, I guess the high pollen counts have stirred up the asthma. I finish up physical therapy tomorrow and go back to the neurosurgeon on Tuesday for a recheck. Everyone else is fine at the moment.
I submitted another food review for that should go live this week. I'm really starting to like this writing thing! We are on day 111 of our countdown to Disney, can't wait til we hit double digits! The kids are pulling out all of the Disney animals and blankets to take with us on the trip already!
Paul and I will celbrate our 13th anniversary next Monday. Can't believe its been that long, but we have made it! Also we will be celebrating Zachary's 11th birthday. Of course he has chosen a Disney themed party. Disney Villains to be exact! I have several things in mind, but if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

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