Thursday, June 09, 2005

Wright lives

Well T ball is finally over. Our last game was Tuesday night and we lost by one run, but we still came in first in our league. I am sort of glad its over, but that doesnt mean we will be slowing down. The kids are going to VBS with my wunt this week and then they have been invited to another next week. Is it right to send them to so many? They really enjoy it. Ours is the week of July 11th, then we will be going on vacation on July 17th. Of course we still have july 4th and family reunion before then!
I am still on the weightloss trek with no luck. Sort of discouraging, I really wanted to lose weight before my 10 year reunion, but it looks like I will be as big as ever come September.
Everyone is doing ok. My allergies are horrindious. I wake up everyday with sticky eyes and a sore throat. Clay had 2nd degree burns on his back from a sunburn, but it is healing great with silvadene cream. Paul is working alot still and very tired, but he wants to do it so i can stay home.
We went to my grandmothers this week to start sorting through some things, the brothers still arent helping out much so I am trying to help my mom with that.
One lasst thing: Thanks Alli!!!!