Thursday, July 14, 2005

Whirlwind summer

Wow has it been crazy. Everyone has been sick at least once since school has been out. Paul was in the hospital for 5 days with pneumonia and is now going to a pulminologist to see if there may be any underlying problems. One good thing that has come out of it is that he has quit smoking! Erin had a Urinary tract infection, Clay had bronchitis and Zachy had a tick bite that made his lymph nodes HUGE! Everyone has been on antibiotics...except me...keeping fingers crossed! This week is Vacation Bible School and since I am the director...I AM STRESSED!!! I am a perfectionist and everyone else seems to just be going with the flow and that stresses me out. Next week we are going to try to take the kids somewhere before school starts to just relax. Money is VERY tight however since Paul and I were both off when he was sick. It wont be much but it will get the kids out for awhile. Zachy is going to be going to Kindergarten, man its gonna be hard having 2 leaving me everyday. Zachy was my snuggle bunny, why do they have to grow up so quick?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Wright lives

Well T ball is finally over. Our last game was Tuesday night and we lost by one run, but we still came in first in our league. I am sort of glad its over, but that doesnt mean we will be slowing down. The kids are going to VBS with my wunt this week and then they have been invited to another next week. Is it right to send them to so many? They really enjoy it. Ours is the week of July 11th, then we will be going on vacation on July 17th. Of course we still have july 4th and family reunion before then!
I am still on the weightloss trek with no luck. Sort of discouraging, I really wanted to lose weight before my 10 year reunion, but it looks like I will be as big as ever come September.
Everyone is doing ok. My allergies are horrindious. I wake up everyday with sticky eyes and a sore throat. Clay had 2nd degree burns on his back from a sunburn, but it is healing great with silvadene cream. Paul is working alot still and very tired, but he wants to do it so i can stay home.
We went to my grandmothers this week to start sorting through some things, the brothers still arent helping out much so I am trying to help my mom with that.
One lasst thing: Thanks Alli!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Its been a long time

Wow I have got to get in a habit of this because it is nice to get things off my chest! I have started TTApping and today is day 10 of BWO+ I have finished 2 challenges already and this will be my third.
Clay is playing tball again and is now in second place. We were in first until we lost last night. I really enjoy watching them play, they are so cute at this age.
Zachary got signed up for kindergarten, but we are still having issues with him pooping in the potty. I hope that gets resolved by the end of summer.
Erin is Erin!
My mom is doing well after my grandmothers death. We all have our moments, but I expect that for awhile.
Paul is working alot of overtime so we can take a nice vacation and get somethings paid off, seems like that will never happen!
I can do anything through Christ!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Leave it to me

Well, who would have done it except me? Forget my password and log in info! Thanks to my good friend Alli, I can now continue blogging! Things haven't gotten alot better on the Zachary front and I am not sure what to do. The pediatrician still thinks it is middle child rebellion. I don't know, there are some serious issues. He has, however started going poop in the potty!!!!! Serious step. We had our local parade yesterday and had a great time. Saw alot of old friends from high school. Speaking of, I can't believe that my 10 year reunion will be in SEPT!!!! I hava got to lose this weight. I go back to the doctor this wednesday for my second weigh in since I started my phentermine. I don't feel like I have lost any, clothes still arent fitting well. I know that I need to do other things besides take a pill, I just cant seem to get the will power to do so. I have been doing some exercise, no where near enough to lose the weight I want, but at least I have been doing some!
Post on my grandmother...she isnt doing well at all right now. She has been in the hospital 2 weeks now and seems to be getting worse everyday. Sometimes I wish she would just pass in her sleep, I know it would be hard on all of us, but she would be better off. She basically lives on morphine for pain, and it also helps her breathing. Since she has 7 fractured vertebrae and is allergic to codine and most other things, this is all she can take. Yesterday she was having very shallow breathing, it was better today, but still not good. She looks sooo pitiful and she cries alot. She is afraid to die, has alot of paranoia about it. I can't say that I wouldnt be the same way, I just wish she wasnt scared. There isnt anything that any of us can do for her, except comfort and prayers. I am trying to be strong for my mom, she is having to do all of the sitting and bills, and everything. Her 4 brothers arent helping very much. I will miss my grandmother very much if she passes, but I also miss the grandmother that i used to have that laughed with me and had fun with.
Paul goes for his tests this Wednesday also, he is having an MRI and MRA (CAT) of his head to see if there is a reason for his headaches. Doc just wants to rule out the bad stuff.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Day One

I am new at the blog thing, but here I go. I, of course, am on a weightloss journey at the moment. I am on ohentermine 37.5 mg daily for app. 3 months. I am supposed to be changing my eating and exercise habits also, so when I come off of the phen, the weight stays off. That part of the journey is still in the works. I am keeping a food diary, which I have found helps me because I don't want to look back at it and see how bad I was. I also have to take it to Dr.s appts with me for him to read..YIKES.
The other, most important aspect of my life, is my children and DH. Zachary and Clay are both having issues right now. Clay is getting in trouble at school quite a bit. Can't seem to keep his hands to himself. I am not sure what to do about this, he is only 6. We don't watch alot of TV at our house and we don't have video games so there isnt alot that I can take away from him. Zachary has a whole other set of issues. He still poops in his pants, he is 4 YEARS OLD!
He is also telling us no and disobeying. He is the middle child and VERY SMART. I don't know if all of this is a cry for attention or if there are underlying issues.
Paul and I have the usual fights and arguments of any married couple, however sometimes I am sure ours get alot worse. We have had many issues in the past and I am sure there are mor to come. I wonder if sometimes our age difference really is an issue..he is 15 years older than me.
Well today was another regular day, I worked at the paper, then came home to laundry and a messy house. The end of another stressful day!