Sunday, March 20, 2005

Leave it to me

Well, who would have done it except me? Forget my password and log in info! Thanks to my good friend Alli, I can now continue blogging! Things haven't gotten alot better on the Zachary front and I am not sure what to do. The pediatrician still thinks it is middle child rebellion. I don't know, there are some serious issues. He has, however started going poop in the potty!!!!! Serious step. We had our local parade yesterday and had a great time. Saw alot of old friends from high school. Speaking of, I can't believe that my 10 year reunion will be in SEPT!!!! I hava got to lose this weight. I go back to the doctor this wednesday for my second weigh in since I started my phentermine. I don't feel like I have lost any, clothes still arent fitting well. I know that I need to do other things besides take a pill, I just cant seem to get the will power to do so. I have been doing some exercise, no where near enough to lose the weight I want, but at least I have been doing some!
Post on my grandmother...she isnt doing well at all right now. She has been in the hospital 2 weeks now and seems to be getting worse everyday. Sometimes I wish she would just pass in her sleep, I know it would be hard on all of us, but she would be better off. She basically lives on morphine for pain, and it also helps her breathing. Since she has 7 fractured vertebrae and is allergic to codine and most other things, this is all she can take. Yesterday she was having very shallow breathing, it was better today, but still not good. She looks sooo pitiful and she cries alot. She is afraid to die, has alot of paranoia about it. I can't say that I wouldnt be the same way, I just wish she wasnt scared. There isnt anything that any of us can do for her, except comfort and prayers. I am trying to be strong for my mom, she is having to do all of the sitting and bills, and everything. Her 4 brothers arent helping very much. I will miss my grandmother very much if she passes, but I also miss the grandmother that i used to have that laughed with me and had fun with.
Paul goes for his tests this Wednesday also, he is having an MRI and MRA (CAT) of his head to see if there is a reason for his headaches. Doc just wants to rule out the bad stuff.

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