Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Its been a long time

Wow I have got to get in a habit of this because it is nice to get things off my chest! I have started TTApping and today is day 10 of BWO+ I have finished 2 challenges already and this will be my third.
Clay is playing tball again and is now in second place. We were in first until we lost last night. I really enjoy watching them play, they are so cute at this age.
Zachary got signed up for kindergarten, but we are still having issues with him pooping in the potty. I hope that gets resolved by the end of summer.
Erin is Erin!
My mom is doing well after my grandmothers death. We all have our moments, but I expect that for awhile.
Paul is working alot of overtime so we can take a nice vacation and get somethings paid off, seems like that will never happen!
I can do anything through Christ!