Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fierce Voxbox

  I recently received another FREE Voxbox from Influenster. The only thing required of me when I get all of these products is to try them out and share my opinions with other consumers. This box was full of goodies! Nail polish, panty liners, blow out cream and shampoo, Vaseline and more. This box was fierce! Every product can easily be added to your daily routine.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Sweet Potato Dessert Fries

    Looking for something different for dessert this holiday season? Why not try vegetables for dessert? Yes, that's right, vegetables for dessert. I whipped up some yummy sweet potato fries with a sweet drizzle and they were a hit! 

I received a coupon for a free Alexia product. I decided to try out the sweet potato fries with sea salt. 
Alexia sweet potato fries with sea salt
Chocolate syrup (enough to drizzle over fries)
1/2 C marshmallow cream
4 oz heavy cream
Cinnamon, to taste

Sprinkle fries with cinnamon and bake according to package directions. Meanwhile, mix 1/2 cup of 
Marshmallow cream and heavy cream in a pot. Stir consistently while on medium heat until well mixed and hot. When fries are done baking, transfer to a platter. Drizzle with desired amount of chocolate syrup and marshmallow cream mixture. Use the rest of the mixture as a dip. Serve HOT! 

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Werther's Soft and Chewy

I was already excited to get my influenster pumpkin voxbox because i had watched the spoiler video in YouTube. I ripped open the package of Werthers chewy caramels first! I vowed not to share with the kids, but I did. They are so creamy and taste SO GOOD. I think these may become my new candy addiction! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Love Your Skin Again

I received my wellness VoxBox from Influenster and immediately started using the products inside. I always forget to put on lotion after I get out of the shower and towel off. What's great about new Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer? You apply it before you dry off! I decided the easiest way to help me remember to apply was to keep it in the shower with my other products. The scent is so light and I love it. In the week I've been using it, I can tell a huge difference in my skin. A product that will definitely be added to my daily routine.  #applybeforeyoudry #wetskinmoisturizer @jergensus

Saturday, February 07, 2015

I Can't Believe its Not Butter

I received a coupon for a FREE tub of I Can't Believe its Not Butter from Smiley360. I got my product just before the holidays and used it in all of my baking. Family and friends commented how good everything was and I informed them about the free product. I liked it so much that I have purchased it again since to use in cooking and I put it on my toast daily. It's so smooth and easy to use. It will now be a staple in my home.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bona Wet Pads Product Review

I received a free package of Bona wet sheet hardwood floor pads to try and review from Smiley360.
Being a housekeeper with several clients that have hardwood floors, this was an easy product to test and share about. I used this product on several hard floor types and they worked great on all. I tried them on smooth hardwood, textured hardwood and even my personal laminate floors. I was especially impressed by the result on my own floors as they usually streak with everything.  The Bona wet pads lets a clean shine with no streaking or residue on the floors I tried them on. I did not have a Bona brand handle but the pads did fit fine on a different name brand handle. I told my clients about the product and now several of them will be purchasing it to add to the house cleaning supplies.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Arm & Hammer Review

I've used Arm & Hammer for a long time for more than just cooking. Of course, I use it to help biscuits rise and make fluffy pancakes but there are tons of other uses for it. 
Smiley360.com sent me a free box along with a cute little keeper. It kind of looks like a coffee creamer bottle so don't get the two confused. Since I clean houses and have asthma, I'm always looking for more natural cleaners as well. One of my favorite uses of Arm & Hammer is for deodorizing my kitchen sink drain. First, I sprinkle about 2 TBS in the drain and around the bottom of the sink. I usually let it set for an hour or so. Next, I slowly pour in a half a cup of vinegar. This foams and acts as a natural abrasive. After the foaming stops, I take a soap free S.O.S. Pad and scrub the stainless steel then rinse with HOT water. Now the sink is shiny, clean and smells clean!