Sunday, August 28, 2011

Maybe some Relief

Ok, so finally on Thursday I felt bad enough, after almost 2 weeks of torturing myself, to go to the Dr. He told me it was bacterial and I got a steroid shot and some good ole antibiotics. Great for the tummy! I have felt a little better since then, but still needing the inhaler, I guess the high pollen counts have stirred up the asthma. I finish up physical therapy tomorrow and go back to the neurosurgeon on Tuesday for a recheck. Everyone else is fine at the moment.
I submitted another food review for that should go live this week. I'm really starting to like this writing thing! We are on day 111 of our countdown to Disney, can't wait til we hit double digits! The kids are pulling out all of the Disney animals and blankets to take with us on the trip already!
Paul and I will celbrate our 13th anniversary next Monday. Can't believe its been that long, but we have made it! Also we will be celebrating Zachary's 11th birthday. Of course he has chosen a Disney themed party. Disney Villains to be exact! I have several things in mind, but if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Still sick, what is it?

Well, I've still got the darn crud! I keep telling mysel;f it will be better tomorrow, but I have had 6 tomorrows so far. I forsee a Dr appt in my future.
I started walking this week for several reasons: 1- for my health, 2- strengthen my back, 3- to get ready for our Disney trip in December, which I cannot wait for!
We have been cleaning out the boys room for several days and I am so proud that Zachary has gotten rid of quite a few stuffed animals. We had more animals in there than the zoo has! He has always objected to giving away any of them. He could tell you the name, when he got it, who he got it from, etc. I kinda hated to get rid of them when he could do that. I guess this shows my boy is growing up. He will be 11 in a few weeks.
I wrote another review for It is scheduled to go live later this week. I will be sure to share thie link. I have not heard from any of the travel agencies as of yet, I will also let you know about that! Just keep your fingers crossed for me!
Thats all for tonight!

Disney's Cars 2 Gaming Accessories Giveaway

Disney's Cars 2 Gaming Accessories Giveaway

Friday, August 19, 2011

Just Allergies?

Seasonal allergies. The culprit of many folks discomfort this time of year. I sure hope that is all I have going on right now. I am tired and my head is full of....something. My ears feel like they are about to blow! Anyway, so I am a little uncomfortable at the moment but this too shall pass..I hope.
Over the past couple of days I have written letters to a few Disney travel companies inquiring the best way to start a career in the travel industry with a concentration in Disney travel. I have only heard back from one that basically told me, don't hold your breath. Well, I am not stopping there nor getting discouraged. I have planned 4 trips for my family and others for a handful of friends and I know I can do it. Its just a waiting game to see what the other companies have to say. I have also written a few reviews for . Hey, thats a foot in the door somehow.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It IS getting easier

Well it is getting alittle easier to remember to blog, especially since I want to read the ones I am following as much as possible! We got the Disney trip booked!! Our dining reservations are already booked too. I found a great compnay and agent to do it all and she is FABULOUS!
The blogs that I have recently started following are mostly Disney blogs and saving money blogs. A great one for both is Couponing to Disney. She has fabulous ideas on, not only saving for Disney, but whatever thing in your life you are working to achieve. I was also following a blog called the Disney Food Report. I am now a food reviewer for them. I am writing on topics of restaurants, character dining, quick service and any thing that has to do with food at Disney. I just submitted my first review and I am awaiting it to be published. I will definitely post about it when it is!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Trying to find the time to blog should be easier than I make it out to be. I am just a mom, after all, right? Well, I guess it just hasn't been on the top of my list. I am now following several other bloggers, so maybe I can find the time.
I will give you a quick rundown (as always when I am behind) of how things have been going since last I blogged. Both boys are now in middle school and Erin is already in the third grade! I so can't believe that. Clay made the middle school baseball team last year and we were all pretty proud. Zachary has been in a play or two, Erin is excelling as a catcher in softball and attends clinics to improve every chance she gets. I had back surgery in November and am actually worse now than before. The three level fusion for torn discs, not a walk in the park! We are planning a trip to Disney for Christmas and we are all pretty excited. We love the magic of Disney and can't imagine how it will be with millions of lights. We have started saving money for our trip in "lost and found"jars. I will let you know more about those later.
Anyway, thanks for understanding that I can be a slacker.