Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Arm & Hammer Review

I've used Arm & Hammer for a long time for more than just cooking. Of course, I use it to help biscuits rise and make fluffy pancakes but there are tons of other uses for it. sent me a free box along with a cute little keeper. It kind of looks like a coffee creamer bottle so don't get the two confused. Since I clean houses and have asthma, I'm always looking for more natural cleaners as well. One of my favorite uses of Arm & Hammer is for deodorizing my kitchen sink drain. First, I sprinkle about 2 TBS in the drain and around the bottom of the sink. I usually let it set for an hour or so. Next, I slowly pour in a half a cup of vinegar. This foams and acts as a natural abrasive. After the foaming stops, I take a soap free S.O.S. Pad and scrub the stainless steel then rinse with HOT water. Now the sink is shiny, clean and smells clean!