Thursday, August 11, 2011

It IS getting easier

Well it is getting alittle easier to remember to blog, especially since I want to read the ones I am following as much as possible! We got the Disney trip booked!! Our dining reservations are already booked too. I found a great compnay and agent to do it all and she is FABULOUS!
The blogs that I have recently started following are mostly Disney blogs and saving money blogs. A great one for both is Couponing to Disney. She has fabulous ideas on, not only saving for Disney, but whatever thing in your life you are working to achieve. I was also following a blog called the Disney Food Report. I am now a food reviewer for them. I am writing on topics of restaurants, character dining, quick service and any thing that has to do with food at Disney. I just submitted my first review and I am awaiting it to be published. I will definitely post about it when it is!

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