Friday, July 24, 2009

Sounds of Laughter

Today was productive...somewhat. Got bills paid, cleaned at moms, got most of the laundry done at home too! The kids have hardly fought all day, which is awesome. Not too many days like that. I guess it could be that I promised them a special treat tonight if they let me get all my work done today! I think we are going to the drive in to see G-Force. I had rather see it in 3D, but the drive in is fun.
So as my kids were watching a movie today I heard them laughing and playing and cutting up. They were loud, but it was still a joyful noise! I thought about the kids whose parents always yell at them for being loud...which I admit I have done on occasion, and said a small prayer for them. It isn't often that I take the time out of my business to actually listen to their laughter, but i am glad i did today, it was a needed moment of life appreciation!

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