Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Migraines ??

Ok, so I have had this eye thing going on since the end of April. My eyes get really red and hurt. I have tried OTC meds like visene allergy, visene original, similison pink eye, benadryl... Nothing has worked. I went to the eye doctor about a month ago and he told me it was just allergies. Well, yesterday, when I got up, they were red and had the same pain as usual so I started about my day thinking nothing of it. As the day progressed, they got worse and worse. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and made a doctors appt. By the time I made it to the office, I had a massive headache. I sat in the waiting room for only a short time before being called back to the exam room. The nurse said the PA would be right in. The longer I sat there, the worse my head got. I got up and moved to the trashcan because the pain had led to nausea. When the PA finally arrived, I couldn't open my eyes and was hugging the trash can. I guess I scared her because I couldn't move for the fear that it would cause more pain and she just said,"'I think I need to send you to the ER'". Paul came in to help me out, and I asked for an emisses basin to vomit in. When we got to the ER, I was very shaky and couldn't open my eyes. the nurse assessed me then called for the doctor. She arrived quickly and ordered something for the pain, but concluded that it was sinus related and sent me home on steroids and antibiotics. She said it could still be a migraine, but sinus related. On the way home, the vomiting hit.....all I can say is poor Paul! I know he sees stuff like that everyday, but I guess it is different when it is you own. I finally made it upstairs to the bed, but couldn't lay down because it hurt worse. Around 8PM the pain started to ease and I had some peanut butter crackers and sprite. I didn't sleep much, but feel some better today. There is no headache, but my eyes are still red and pouring.
Today we had to take Max to get his shots and buy stuff for the reunion, which I am not ready for! I HATE being in charge of things! I think I have it all together, well, I hope I have it all together. Been in sort of a drug hang over today, but feeling much better than yesterday. Still not going to wear my contacts for a day or so, probably until my eyes clear up.

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