Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last is Best?

Well on Thursday I had the third epidural in this series. These are for the pain I have been having in my lower back and the front of my right leg since the summer. Dr Culclassure said he saw on the MRI report that there was some scar tissue near a nerve and that's where he concentrated the injection. The first one helped for about 3 days and had little side effects. The second one had a 50% dosage increase in meds. It hurt like the devil going in! I did have some side effects but didn't realize they were from the injection until I started having them with this one. Hot flashes, whew are they hot. And my cheeks looked like they were on fire. I am also experiencing severe reflux. It's almost "heart attack" like with that it feels like a rock in my chest and sends pain into my left shoulder and even my jaw. The injection itself this time was also the most painful. I keep telling myself that means it's going to work the best. ;)
Just hope it all calms down soon.
Paul picked up an overtime shift so mom and I took the kids to Boyd's Pumpkin Patch today. All in all, lots of fun. Can't believe they have been out of school for 2 weeks already and start back tomorrow.
Yvonne and Yvette came over tonight to bring us the goodies they picked up for us from Vietnam. They have become such good friends! I got some coconut wood serving spoons and I love them. They also brought me the prettiest bag and some awesome wooden chop sticks that I can't wait to use. Clay got a beautiful marble carved rooster! It's gorgeous. Zachary got a Chinese chess set, Erin got a hand painted trinket box and Paul got weasel poop coffee! We are so blessed to have true friends like them.
61 days to our next magical adventure!

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