Saturday, August 01, 2009

Just Motions

Did actual manual labor today. I worked in the yard, pulling weeds from the flower beds, and it was HOT. Worked for pretty much the whole morning quiting around 2 because it started to look like rain. My dad took the boys for their haircuts (that their thing). Paul started to mow the yard, but did something to the mower blade when he was trying to sharpen it and now has to fix that before he can mow, he did get a little weed eating done. So now I sit here writing my blog and smeeling a country supper on the stove. (Fried chicken, green beans, corn on cob, mac n cheese and sweet tea!) I am so ready to go sit in a tub and relax, then climb in bed.
I have been doing listening to the local Contemporary Christian radio station alot lately, and some of the words are sticking with me. A song that my brother quoted not too long ago has been weighing heavy on my heart. The song is called The Motions. It basically says that the singer doesn't want to spend anymore time just going through the motions of being a Christian. He wants to feel the spirit of Christ inside of him. I wonder how many "Christians" out there actually are just going through the motions. I know that I often find myself caught up in daily stresses and errands and such that I feel as if i am just going through the motions. Challenge yourself to begin living your Christian life more fully today.

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